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Toyota Celica GT-Four by Graham RobsonGet other Toyota repair manuals hereThis is a comprehensive study of the career of the Toyota Celica GT-Four. Starting in 1988 three generations of this effective turbocharged four-wheel-drive car – known by enthusiasts as ST165 ST185 and ST205 types – fought for World Championships and were amazingly successful for almost a decade. All types combined high-performance great reliability and superb preparation by Toyota Team Europe (based in Cologne Germany) their 300bhp/four-wheel-drive chassis package being among the best in the world. Over the years the cars won some of the roughest events in the world (such as the Safari and the Acropolis) and were also supreme on tarmac snow and ice including Monte Carlo. After fighting a running battle with Lancia for years the Celicas won the World Manufacturers Championship twice. Its famous drivers included Carlos Sainz (World Champion in 1990 and 1992) Juha Kankkunen (Champion in 1993) and Didier Auriol (Champion in 1994).Never far from controversy and at times embroiled in technical and regulatory disputes these cars brought real glamour to the colourful sport of rallying and were only replaced by an even higher-tech Toyota – the Corolla World Rally Car – in 1997.Toyota Celica GT-Four by Graham Robson more advice

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Toyota Celica GT-Four: Future classic – Unique Car Sales Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 ‘Carlos Sainz Limited Edition’ First seen on the rump of 1986’s ST165 Celica, the GT-Four (an acronym for ‘Grand Touring – Full-time On-Road Uniquely Responsive’) nameplate signified the pinnacle for Toyota’s sleek sports coupe.

Used Toyota Celica review: 1990-2006 | CarsGuide The turbocharged rally-based Toyota Celica GT-Four is a hot performer, and is far more expensive than the rest of the range. It was sold from 1990 to 1992, then again in a limited production run in 1994 as the GT-Four Group A Rallye. The latter is a full-on sports machine. The Celica GT-Four 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is happiest when worked hard and turbo lag can be frustrating at times.

Toyota Celica GT-4 – Drive Toyota Celica GT-4 The Celica GT-4 is a very durable, sporty all-wheel-drive. By DAVID MORLEY.

toyota celica gtfour | Gumtree Australia Free Local … 165440 km; The Toyota Celica GT-Four is a Japanese high performance model of the ordinary Celica lift back, all GT-Four models were made with a turbocharged 3S-GTE engine and full-time AWD (All Wheel Drive).

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Toyota Celica GT-Four – sagin workshop car manuals,repair … Starting in 1988, three generations of Toyota Celica GT-Four, an effective turbocharged four-wheel-drive car – known by enthusiasts as ST165, ST185 and ST205 types – fought for World Championships, and were amazingly successful for almost a decade. This book presents a comprehensive study of the career of the Toyota Celica GT-Four.

Toyota Celica GT-Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition ST185 … Toyota Celica GT-Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition ST185, AWD

gtfour celica 3sgte hesitant past 4k??? – hey. okay since there is no gtfours to compare against, i test drove a celica gt4 today st185 model, had a rebuilt engine only done ~1000km on it, was very sluggish, slightly loud towards the front (boost leak?) the pressure gauge stock, indicated positive pressure but only 3/4 on the dial, and the engine really took its time to get past 4000rpm?

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