Great War Tank 1915 – 1945 (All Models) Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

Hardcover – 160 pages – The world s first ever battle tank receives the Haynes Manual treatment and its centrepiece is the most prolific British tank of the Great War the Tank Mk IV.World authority David Fletcher looks at the anatomy construction and operation of the Mk IV (including rare contemporary eyewitness descriptions) as well as giving fascinating insights into the maintenance and restoration of these historic armoured fighting vehicles.Individual preserved Great War tanks that feature in the manual include Flirt II the Ashford Tank Lodestar III Excellent and Deborah. The first manual ever on the first ever tank. Focuses on the Great War Mk IV Tank the most numerous model. Includes rare photographs and constructor s drawings of the Mk IV. Joint publication with the Tank Museum Bovington.Contents: Introduction The Tank Story Anatomy of the Mark IV Tank Tank Armament Camouflage Paint and Markings Operating the Mark IV The Tank at War Retirment and SurvivorsAuthor David Fletcher MBE is a world authority on armoured vehicles. link here

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Australian Muscle Car Sales Hard to locate nowadays, the lovely 302 Windsor powered XT GT was the first of the regular production GT Falcons and the first of the GTs that could be ordered in a range of colours and transmission choices.

National Archives of Australia – Official Site Welcome to the National Archives of Australia. We are the nation’s memory – safely keeping for all millions of Australian Government records that reflect our history and identity. We are the nation’s memory – safely keeping for all millions of Australian Government records that reflect our history and identity.

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Autocycle – Malvern Star ‘Auto-byke’, circa 1948 Summary. This unrestored example of a Malvern Star Auto-byke was purchased by the Museum in 1985. The Malvern Star brand was established in 1898 and was acquired by Bruce Small in 1920.

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