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    information specific to LPG models or the supercharged Vee Six engine. Contents: * Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting * Tune-Up Routine Maintenance * three point eight litre Vee Six Engine * 5.0 litre V8 Engine * General Engine Overhaul Procedures * Cooling heating and air conditioning * Fuel and Exhaust pipess * Engine Electrical Systems * Emissions Engine Control Systems * Manual Transmission * Automatic Transmission * Clutch Driveline * braking system * Suspension and Steering Systems * Body * Chassis Electrical System * electrical schematics NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment simple maintenance tasks plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions. click on
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    Lexcen VN to VS 1988 – 1997 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual cover the following models: ● Commodore VN VP VR VS series 1988 – 1997 ● Commodore Utility VG VR VS series 1988 – 2000 ● Lexcen VN VP VR T4 T5 series 1988 – 1997 ● Statesman VQ VR VS Series 1990 – 1999 ● Petrol: 3.8 liter V6 and 5.0 liter V8 motors. Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations scheduled upkeep electrical schematics repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregory’s manuals are based on an actual vehicle disassembly and are researched and written by automotive motorers with vast experience. more here…..
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    Control* V6 motor Maintenance and Rebuild* vee eight motor Maintenance and Overhaul* Starter System* Automotive alternator System* Radiator* Ignition System* Fuel System* friction clutch* Automatic gearbox* 5 gear Manual gearbox* Drive / Tail Shaft* Rear Axle* Steering* Front Suspension* Rear Suspension* Brake Systems* Wheels and rubber tyres* Exhaust pipes* Windscreen Wipers and Washers* Body* Heating Air Conditioning* Instruments Radio Tape Player and Switches* Lights Switches and Battery Systems* Electrical Wiring and Fuses more information…..

The Holden Commodore (VP) was a full size vehicles that has been made by the Australian producer Holden from 1991 to 1993. It absolutely was the second iteration of 2nd generation of this Australian made model. Their range included the blissful luxury variations, Holden Berlina (VP) and Holden Calais (VP).

The Holden Caprice (VQ) and Holden Statesman (VQ) were Holden’s top grade luxury sedans produced between 1990 and 1994. It absolutely was the first Statesman to-be in line with the Commodore range. The rear end is an all-new design, with Independent rear suspension system.

These people were situated against Ford Australian Continent’s Fairlane and LTD.

The VQ Statesman was put as the official vehicle by government ministers in Australia, and some are also converted into hearses for funerals or limousines.

Show we Statesmans were revealed in March 1990, whilst the Show II were introduced in December 1991. There was clearly a further improvement in later 1993.

After General engines Holden’s finished production of the WB Statesman in 1984, Ford had been kept to market its Fairlane and LTD with no regional competition. It had been another 6 many years before Holden revealed another long wheelbase sedan. Unlike the Ford NA Fairlane, Holden focused mainly on creature conveniences and technical progress into the VQ rather than appearance. They’d intends to work with the look further, nonetheless it could have pushed the production plan back once again a further half a year.

Criticisms of the vehicle looking too much like a Commodore in a supper fit designed that Holden spent a considerable amount of time regarding the successor, the VR Statesman, re-designing their panels to check special.

Originally, the car would definitely posses an analogue clock in place of the existing environment controls component, but the belated 1980s fascination with digital clocks caused them to change their head and place an electronic clock into the roofing as an alternative. Holden had not been the actual only real maker to work on this — other people such moves Royce furthermore did therefore aided by the Silver nature. The climate control component would have been installed in pouch underneath the stereo headunit should they choose to go with all the analogue clock.
Cosmetic modifications

The Statesman have some modifications to the bodywork to create it apart from the Commodore. It had been based on the longer place wagon wheelbase which made the automobile literally bigger than the Commodore sedan and enhanced back legroom. It absolutely was in addition fitted with a modified C-pillar that has been covered in glass, providing the appearance of a wrap-around back windscreen. The pillars were strengthened not only to provide better strength, but in addition to give a far more solid ‘thunk’ noise whenever shutting the doorways.

Even though the exterior lights stayed unchanged from Commodore, there is a big chrome grille fitted to leading, and a decorative garnish involving the back lighting.

The VP series was launched in September 1991 with mainly aesthetic and have modifications into the outgoing VN Series Commodore. The 3.8 litre V6 and 5.0 litre V8 motors through the VN had been transported more than, nevertheless V6 system received various changes that improved its refinement and noise faculties also boosting power by two kilowatts. The 2.0 litre straight-4 engine which was indeed provided in the VN in a few export areas ended up being stopped. Semi-trailing supply IRS became standard on Calais and Commodore SS models and became an optional additional on lower-end versions. This brand-new suspension drastically improving ride and managing over that made available from the real time back axle. ABS brake system are additionally introduced inside VP number as a choice on show 1 Calais and Commodore SS models, and on most versions with IRS for Series II models. Additional security qualities were introduced throughout the number, including an ignition-disabling device and a driver’s door deadlock. Power mirrors were furthermore a regular feature across the model range. The VP series ended up being changed in July 1993 because of the VR Series Commodore.

The VP Calais has also been marketed in Thailand, with 3.8 V6 variation, later they put an Opel 2.6-litre C26NE inline-six Dual Ram motor.

Commodore Executive

The Commodore manager is the bottom model of the VP Commodore range.
Commodore S

The Commodore S was the lowest priced activities variation of VP Commodore number. It had been really similar to the professional, but with activities trim similar to the SS model.
Commodore SS

The Commodore SS is the top the line recreations style of the VP Commodore number.
Commodore Berlina

The Commodore Berlina is the cheapest luxury variation of this VP Commodore range.
Commodore Berlina LX

The Commodore Berlina LX was the semi-luxury form of the VP Commodore range. This model was essentially a stepping rock amongst the Berlina and Calais.
The Calais is the true luxury form of the VP Commodore range. It absolutely was but not badged or promoted as a Commodore.

Commodore SS V6

The SS V6 had been a 1992 restricted manufacturing design which have all of the features of regular Commodore SS but utilized the 3.8L V6 system in place of the 5.0L V8. It had been produced to homologate an appropriate model for the team 3E show manufacturing automobiles engine rushing group, which required a tiny lowest run of cars to be built. The SS V6’s main rival is the Ford EB2 Falcon XR6.
Commodore BT1

The Commodore BT1, or the authorities Pack had been a particular pack for VP Commodore that was available to the Australian and brand new Zealand Police Forces. It was based on the Commodore government and added numerous specification updates to serve the requirements of the authorities energy. Many believe that BT1 Commodores had a “cop processor chip” which increasing the engine energy output, however this is a myth, once the motor power matches in regular VP Commodores.

Even though the pack diverse in each condition, they certainly were frequently fitted with:

FE2 recreations suspension
Oil sump protector
Always-on top lighted speedo (within the group as you’re watching speedo for “headlights off” speed checks when next speedsters) with 2 kilometer increments (as per Berlina/Calais)
Dome light and chart light internal burning
15 6-inch metallic rims
Transmission Cooler
Nation pack suspension system (V5W) in place of FE2 in a few rural areas
Vinyl flooring mats
Limited slide differential

Commodore Vacationer
The Commodore Vacationer was a finite edition model in line with the Commodore professional. The VP Commodore Vacationer premiered in October 1992.

A badge designed variation of this Holden VP had been marketed by Toyota once the Toyota Lexcen. The T2 show Lexcen ended up being obtainable in CSi, VXi, and Newport trim amounts, with a range of sedan and truck system kinds. It was supplied just with the 3.8 litre V6 system together with four speed automatic transmission, the V8 not-being for sale in the Lexcen.

The VP Senator ended up being introduced in April 1992, efficiently replacing the VN SV5000. The Senator was created so that they can design an automobile that supplied both luxury and gratification and to complement the present long-wheelbase Statesman versions. Promoting smoother styling set alongside the HSV Clubsport and GTS systems, which favoured performance without deluxe, the Senator took benefit of the separate back suspension system which was offered on high-priced VP Commodores and Statesman/Caprices at that time and was only certainly one of a handful of Commodore-based cars which had automated climate controls air-con. Various other qualities included a leather interior, cruise control and minimal slide differential. A three-spoke tyre had been showcased. Top speeds ended up being 220 km/h (137 mph). The car is available with HSV’s 180 kW (241 hp) 5.0-litre V8 motor combined to a four-speed automated transmission or five-speed manual. There clearly was really two models built: the typical Senator and also the Senator 5000i which featured an even more powerful 200 kW (270 hp) engine and a 238 km/h (148 miles per hour) top rate. The 5000i was only available aided by the automated option. The total number designed for both variations was 216.

The initial renovation associated with brilliantly successful VN model was included with the establish for the VP in October 1991. The aesthetic adjustment are discreet, although engineering improvements and products upgradings are significant. Holden’s separate back suspension system (IRS) program, that has been introduced from the longer wheelbase Statesman/Caprice systems in 1990, became standard from the VP Calais and SS systems and is offered as a choice on Commodore government and Berlina. The VP engines were carryover products but progressive modifications introduced during VN production had considerably paid down vibration and harshness. The most notable link between the VP changes were improved ride high quality, better management, improved smoothness and markedly decreased cabin noise. All VP Commodore sedans and wagons are fitted with remote main locking and an enhanced antitheft program. This technique included an engine management program disabling product, ignition cut–out and key–operated driver’s door ‘deadlock’. All VP Commodores furthermore had power– adjusted mirrors. Extra Berlina features included a tachometer, cruise control and traveler seat flexible lumbar help, while the Calais gained from a new Variotronic automobile rate sensitive energy steering program and a body computer system. This computer system influenced numerous things such as the energy steering program, variable tool dimming and an automatic ‘lights out’ function triggered whenever secret ended up being eliminated plus the home exposed. Holden engineers mentioned during the time that computers will give all of them the ability to put in highly sophisticated gear, including multiplex wiring and systems, in future designs. A HSV-enhanced 180kW V8 system became recommended across the number in early 1992. More models included the luxurious limited edition Calais Overseas, Berlina LX sedans and wagons and value-added pack Vacationer sedans and wagons. The VP number furthermore saw the development of the Series II concept and a no-cost, three-year roadside services package, with Calais designs.

Holden Shows

* The VN Commodore comes into their fourth-year, creating obtained 64,494 selling during 1990 to stay Australian Continent’s best–selling vehicle.
* Holden’s motor organization (HEC) marks a decade of manufacturing your family II four–cylinder motor along with its 1.5 millionth export example (in addition to nearly 300,000 units created for regional Holden and Nissan items). Total export profits reach $1.9 billion, making HEC one of Australia’s leading exporters of value–added items. And fours for export, HEC continues to emit a V6 for local Holdens and Toyotas, plus a V8 for Commodore/Statesman/HSV.
* Aussie touring car legend Peter Brock comes back to racing Holden merchandise, contending in production and touring vehicle occasions in V6 and V8 Commodores.
* the latest JL series Apollo is launched with electronic fuel–injection on all brands. A sporty GS version joins the product range.
* The Barina try up-to-date; the newest MH show provides three and five–door bodies.
* The four–cylinder Nova try facelifted in order to become the LF show and a sports–oriented GS variation try included with the line–up. Fuel–injection is fitted to the majority of brands, providing a 12 per cent energy boost without having to sacrifice gasoline economy.
* The high–tech, windcheating Holden Calibra coupe are circulated to a passionate responses. This is basically the first German–built vehicles marketed by Holden as well as the earliest to offer ‘ABS’ antilock brakes.
* The 1990 Bathurst champions — Allan Grice and victory Percy — get a hard–fought second place in the 1991 celebration. Travel a Commodore VN team the, these are the first neighborhood automobile homes.
* Holden presents an important advancement on Ford Falcon by making separate rear suspension system standard on Calais and SS Commodore and optional on other VP sedans.
* The Commodore utility is updated, and given the exact same VP design designation as remaining portion of the number (the previous version is referred to as VG series).
* The VQ show II Statesman and Caprice lengthy wheelbase versions tend to be unveiled. They establish a selection of modifications and bring ‘ABS’ antilock brake system into locally built Holden number. A V6 Statesman joins the line–up alongside the V8.
* Holden specific motors unveils the HSV recreations Wagon, in line with the Commodore V6. This observe a string of acclaimed overall performance models introduced throughout the seasons, including the Statesman 5000i V8. The 5000th HSV–modified vehicle is sold.
* The Commodore again finishes the season as Australian Continent’s best–selling model.
* Electronic antilock brakes (abdominal muscles) come to be on IRS–equipped Commodore, Berlina and Calais sedans, strengthening Holden’s dedication to security.
* Holden declares a no–cost, three-year roadside solution bundle because of its Calais, Statesman, Caprice and Calibra products. That is accompanied by an effort which views new Holden traveler vehicles getting a long 50,000km/24 thirty days warranty plus a 100,000km/36 month coverage in the powertrain.
* An HSV–developed 180 kW V8 becomes optional on Commodore, Calais, Statesman and Caprice brands.
* Holden certain cars produces the superquick Commodore VP–based Senator and Senator 5000i products, with distinctive 17 inches path tires. Late around the GTS muscles vehicles try established to take on the 25th Anniversary Ford Falcon GT.
* youthful engine sport experience level Skaife wins the gold-star (Australian Drivers tournament) for the second seasons consecutively inside the Spa–Holden ‘Formula Brabham’ open–wheeler. All Formula Brabham cars were running on a modified type of Holden’s Australian V6; the series was created to provide top–level open–wheeler racing at a fair expense.
* The four–cylinder Nova emerges with an optional 1.8–litre engine; less price version of the smallest Holden — the Barina hatch — are circulated.
* Australia’s 1987 500cc GP motorcycle world champ, Wayne Gardner, switches to four rims, driving a Holden Commodore inside yearly Bathurst 1000 enduro competition.
* A fleet of Holden Novas is used for ‘celebrity race’ in the 1992 Australian Formula One Grand Prix meeting in Adelaide.
* An all–new Holden Jackaroo continues sale with a selection between a 3.2–litre, V6 petrol engine and a 3.1–litre, four–cylinder intercooled turbo diesel.

The TREMEC T-5 was a 5-speed handbook transmission for longitudinal system cars. It includes one overdrive gear, a light-weight aluminum housing, and it is adaptable for four-wheel drive usage. It really is produced by TREMEC. The T-5 is originally designed by Borg-Warner on the basis of the T-4 and earlier in the day SR4, and was offered as the Borg-Warner T-5 until the design ended up being marketed to TTC.

The four-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 is launched when it comes to 1982 design season for use in Chevrolet/GMC automobiles.

In 1990, the Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 had been rebranded the 4L60. Beneath the new designation, the “4” stands for the number of forward gears, the “L” for longitudinal applications (rear-wheel-drive), while the “60” is the strength score (less than the 4L80). “60” could be the general torque value. Including, 80 was more powerful than 60, which can be stronger than 40, etc. A 4L80-E are designed for more torque than a 4L60-E. The “E” denotes electronically influenced shifting. The 4L60 but are hydraulically moved predicated on governor force and TV cable position. 1992 was the final seasons of extensive using the 700R4 (4L60). 1993 Camaro, Corvette and Typhoon were designed with the last manufacturing 700R4. The final build change regarding the 700R4 had been an added checkball into the device human anatomy.

In 1992 electric controls had been added, and it also became the 4L60-E. The 4L60E isn’t effortlessly swapped utilizing the 4L60, as the 4L60E will depend on an ECU to shift. The 4L60E went into service in trucks, vans, and SUVs in 1993 and in all RWD traveler vehicles (Corvette, F and B/D figures) in 1994.

In 2001, an up-to-date variation — the 4L65-E, had been launched. Five-pinion planetaries, with a strength-improved production shaft, are enhanced to withstand the 300+ lb*ft (400+ N*m) of torque regarding the 6.0 Vortec engine. The 4L70E transmission matches a 4L65E with a speed sensor found in the pump.
700R4 / 4L60 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E / Technical Description

The Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 can be identified by an oils cooking pan amounts six shown at General engines Transmission Pans.

The tailshaft housing are held on the biggest case by four bolts (the bolt spacing resembles the THM350), and utilizes a square-cut o-ring seal, and never a gasket. The conventional width for this transmission where it bolts into motor was 20 in (51 cm) general. From the engine/trans mating exterior to the cross member mount bolt is 22.5 in (57 cm), and engine/trans exterior to result shaft housing mating surface try 23.375 in (59.37 cm) overall, with the tail shaft housing usually measuring 7.625 in (193.7 mm). External dimensions resemble a THM350 with a 9 inch tailhousing within Chevrolet/GMC longer wheelbase truck/vans and 1971-76 B-bodies (Bel atmosphere, Impala, Caprice).

Transmission fluid colder lines in the 700R4 the base fitting on right side of transmission is the “out” range to your colder as well as the top fitting is for the return range from colder. These fixtures is .25 in (6.4 mm) pipe bond, and include an adapter from factory for threaded metal lines in a SAE dimensions. 4L60Es made after 1995 utilize snap-in contacts in the place of threaded.

The first version of the transmission have a 27-spline feedback shaft (distributed to the THM200C and 2004R) that was a standard troubles point. In 1984, the 700R4 made for usage behind Chevrolet little block V8s gotten a 30-spline input shaft comparable to the ones that are on TH400 transmissions and which also used another type of torque converter than its 2.8 V6 and 2.2 L4 machines. Between 1984-1987, interior equipment, from band gear towards the oils pump housing, were up-to-date, ending with all the additional valve human anatomy for 700s made after October 1986.

In 1995, the 4L60E received a PWM-controlled lockup converter. The first styles simple on or off lockup function while the later build can variably lock regarding perhaps not feel the lock-up happen. GM included a 5th solenoid into valve system, labeled as the PWM solenoid.

In 1996, GM introduced a redesigned 4L60E transmission instance that included a bolt-on bell (2 piece case, bell and situation) housing and an 6 bolt end housing. This 2 part situation design was first observed in 1996 and up model S-10 Blazer, S-10 vehicle, GMC Jimmy, and GMC Sonoma because of the 4.3L system. In large most of 1998 & later on solutions of the 4L60E were 2 piece cases (for example., a removable bell housing). Both transmissions are the same internally. The non-PWM (1993-1994) style 4L60Es are not compatible with PWM-style (1995 and soon after) 4L60Es. Additionally in 1996, GM changed the 3-2 solenoid to some other design which makes it perhaps not compatible with any earlier brands.

The design 12 months 1996 GM trucks, there have been 2 versions for the 4L60E transmissions. One have a bolt on bell housing the other would not. The bolt on bellhousings applied to the 4.3L and 1996-2002 GEN I+ versions of the Small Block Chevrolet utilized the same bellhousing whilst LSx machines put a longer bellhousing to allow for a redesigned torque converter with a longer pilot nose (GM offers an adapter set up for using the LSx 4L60-Es whenever combined with an earlier engine).

The gearing the 700 is:

Very First – 3.06:1
Second – 1.63:1
Third – 1.000:1
Fourth – 0.70:1
Reverse – 2.29:1

(Gear ratios are often expressed to x.xx rounding +/- as an internationally industry standard, real mathematical ratios may vary)

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